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Jazzy J

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

11 Months Old!

Wow, I cannot believe Moriah is 11 months old today! Apparently time has flown by so fast I didn't realize I haven't posted for almost 2 months. yikes. Sooo much has happened since the last post. Little Missy is changing so fast and we are just trying to keep up!

So here's some of the things that happened in November:
* Moriah got 2 teeth (the ones on the bottom center).
* She started "crawling" (she low crawls like an army crawl but she gets everywhere she needs to go and she won't be bothered with crawling "On All Fours").
* She celebrated her 1st Thanksgiving. We enjoyed spending time with family at Memaw's house in Sherman, as well as Tootsie & Pop's house in Gilmer. She got to meet alot of Mama's cousins.

Three bullet points doesn't seem like much, but just the fact that she's truly mobile, like literally crawling all over the house, has been a huge GAME CHANGER! It was crazy the first time it really hit me. I had been doing a few things in the kitchen while she was "quietly playing in the living room," then I look up and she'd vanished...crawled her way right into her room!

As for December:
*She's been experimenting with more Big People Foods. So far, Taco Bueno refried beans are her favorite. She also enjoys pears, applesauce, berry yogurt melts, and we found out she likes graham crackers after the nursery worker informed us she was stealing graham crackers right out of the hands of her little friends! In the Lord's House! We are still working on the Foods transition because Mama kinda freaked out when Mo "choked" the first few tries on Big Food (steamed carrots= nightmare). We had a Christmas luncheon at work the other day, which was catered by Catfish King, and seeing as though we weren't ready to give her a crack at the catfish or chicken strips, she had the luxury of trying a few french fries, which she LOVED. Let's hope she enjoyed them, because it will be awhile before we venture down that road again. (I may laugh hysterically at previous statement one of these days).
*Started saying a couple of "words" (Said "DaDa" first. Calls both Daddy and Mama "DaDa." We'll work on that in January). Also says "uh-uh" in place of "uh-oh." She uses a really funny gutteral sound when she says it. Also likes to say "uh-uh," then throw something down on purpose! Says "Duh" for "ball."
*A Big 'Un: MORIAH GOT TUBES on Monday, December 12th! So far, no ear infections in the last week since getting the tubes. Also, tons of BABBLING since then and all of a sudden she's pulling up to her knees and trying to pull up to stand! (she had no interest in this before). Makes me wonder if that fluid constantly sitting in her ears was causing some equilibrium issues! God was so gracious to give Mama peace through the whole process, including: giving Moriah to the nurse to be taken away and PUT UNDER (shudder), waiting while the procedure was taking place (took literally like 15 mins), and then holding a thrashing, screaming, confused Moriah while she came out of the anesthesia. Thank goodness for Daddy and Tootsie who were there to help with the recovery process. With the exception of some teething pains, she's already feeling better!

Not really sure why I put bullets for December because they are clearly full paragraphs. As for what Moriah is into these days:

*She's still obsessed with musical toys, loves to "dance" (sit up and rock forwards and backwards to the music), and kick her legs to the music while laying on her stomach.
*She has a new fascination with doors of all kinds and she loves to repeatedly open and close them from "laying on stomach" position.
*She loves her little black Gilmer plastic ball. She clearly calls it "DUH!" and starts panting rapidly and crawling with a vengeance towards the ball when she sees it. All the while saying "DUH...DUH!"
*Still sucks the left thumb when tired. Left thumb only, the right one won't do.

We are really looking forward to our 1st Christmas with sweet little Moriah Grace! And hoping there are no ear infections awaiting us in 2012!

Pics coming soon...

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